You have decided to let your child explore the wild nature at camp, and have a sneaky reason for them to be off their computers or phones for a little while. It may last for a couple of days or weeks or even the whole summer; this makes it inaccessible for them to easily pick out clothes from their closet or grab a snack out of the refrigerator, not forgetting your breast feeding bottles. Packing and having the right equipment is an essential part of preparing your camper, especially if you take the green road.

Here are some tips on how to pack for your child’s camping trip:

  • Search for seasonal wear that is useable at camp. If your child is off to summer camp, have them pack light clothes and swimwear while if they are off during the cold seasons, pack enough winter clothes to keep them warm.
  • Pack clothes in Ziplocs to save space. This makes it easier for them to find items and separate dirty clothes from the clean ones.
  • Have your child pack with you so that they will know where things are.
  • If you are out to buy certain camping items, search for alternatives that work as good as the specified item and check for last season items as they are usually on sale.
  • If a packing list is provided, follow it to a T. Camping lists are provided to ensure that every camper is prepared for any weather or situation

Being prepared will bring no worries to your child while they’re at camp, the only thing they need to focus on is how to have fun.

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