Going to a camp with children can be challenging. Nevertheless, this won’t be a problem if you know how to keep them entertained. Aside from roasting marshmallows and telling scary stories, there are other lots of fun activities and games related to grading calculators for test prep that can be done. Creativity is key.

A lot of families go camping for a vacation in summer. Therefore, you should take your kids there instead of calculating grades in school all the time. You can make this trip extra fun with fun camping game ideas for kids.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Love the Outdoors highly suggests planning a nature scavenger hunt since this can help nurture your kids’ explorations skills. Kids of all ages can play this classic camping game. You can add your twist so that it will be appropriate for the age group. It will be better to do it in the campground area to avoid disturbing wildlife.

Glowing Ring Toss

Almost every kid loves glow sticks. According to Feels Like Home, you need a big glow stick, and small ring glow sticks to have a fun ring toss game at night. To add more challenge, you can have three big sticks placed at various distances and designate a point value range in shooting the rings.

Camping Olympics

Camping-Field-Guide recommends Camping Olympics if there are a lot of kids. You can have many outdoor games like a potato sack race or tug-of-war. You can also make tweaks so that the games and the competition levels are appropriate for all the kids. You need to plan these games so that you’ll have all the items you need.

Camping Bingo

This game is a mix of bingo and scavenger hunt. When kids find an item, they can mark off their printed bingo cards. You can check out Ranger Rick and the National Wildlife Federation for further information. Keep in mind that you tell the kids not to remove or pick out anything from nature and to mark off the cards. With adult supervision, younger children can join.

Park Ranger

Park Ranger is an improved and modified version of the tag. It is comparable to a freeze tag game. You can get the instructions from the Ultimate Camp Resource. It strengthens kids listening skills because the game features trees, animals, and nature in general.

S’ mores Card Game

If it is rainy at the camp, this game idea is perfect. Your kids will surely enjoy this card game created by Education Outdoors. There are other game variations for it, too, such as matching the card pictures and playing the memory game.

Capture the Flag

This outdoor game is a classic. It’s recommended for teenagers since it can get a bit loud. If you want a version of this game for younger children, you can search for it on Live About.

Elves, Giants, and Wizards

Wilderness Aware Rafting mixed tag and rock, paper, scissors in this game. Each kid plays as an elf, giant, or wizard. They tag other kids so that there will be more members of their team. Thus, they need to avoid getting tagged as well.

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