Canada, also known as the Great White North, is a gigantic country known for its friendly people and maple syrup. If you plan to visit Canada and do activities to experience the wonders of this country’s natural formations, here are some adventure plans you can grab.

If you are from the United States, this adventure trip to British Columbia will fit your plans. British Colombia covers almost all common holiday activities, from summer sports to winter sports, due to its large geographical nature. If you are planning to just do the usual summer activities, then this trip might interest you. Activities that are part of the British Columbia Adventure Trip itinerary are backpacking, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and canoeing.

Some places you get to travel to are Super, Natural British Columbia, E.C. Manning Provincial Park, Okanagan Valley, and Clearwater river. These famous tourist spots are great ways to get along with fellow adventurers as you bond in group activities.

The trip will include backpacking through E.C. Manning Provincial Park, which includes a breathtaking view of rich and lush forestry, mountaintops, landscape, Wells Gray Provincial Park with waterfalls, and the Cariboo Mountains snowy tops.

Whitewater rafting will happen at the Clearwater River and the Nahatlatch River for water sports enthusiasts, and you can go canoeing at Clearwater Lake with possible sightseeing of various creatures in their natural habitats.

The Canadian Adventure is a 20-day trip that costs $4,595, covering all meals, camping equipment such as sleeping bag and pad, backpack, tent, and group gear, and guided tours and activities. Parents or individuals must shoulder their own roundtrip airfare, insurance, and personal items and clothing. Slots have limited availability; that is why it is important to book your trip as early as possible.

If you are more interested in the history and culture of a country, then another trip option is to go on a Historical and Cultural Journey through Canada.

This cultural journey lasts for 10 days and is filled with various activities that educate you while having fun in the Great White North. You get to travel to all the famous Canadian places and cities, which are Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec.

On some days of the travel, you get to pick how you want to enjoy your travel, whether it’s sightseeing, a food walk, or biking through historic places.

The price of the tour varies depending on the type of accommodation you prefer. You may pick from three different packages: Basic Comfort Package, Midtier Comfort Package, Deluxe Comfort Package.

Basic Comfort Package

The Basic Comfort Package covers quality 3-star hotels situated near tourist and sightseeing spots.

Midtier Comfort Package

The Midtier Comfort Package situates you in hotels that will give you a quality experience without the price of a fancy hotel. This package includes guided tours and private drivers.

Deluxe Package

The Deluxe Package ensures you live the high life as you are staying at Fairmont hotel rooms overlooking the landscape. Not only are you enjoying one of the most iconic hotels in Canada, but you are also reliving history because of its importance in culture.

Some things to note that are not included in the package are meals outside the planned itinerary, airfare transportation, cancellation of the trip, travel insurance, and Canadian Sales Taxes.