Kids, nowadays, are constantly in front of the screen or have their phones glued to their hands 24/7, wherever they go. Technology is a great invention whereas information and connection are just in the palm of your hand, but it also does isolate us from the present.

Hiking and outdoor adventures are great ways of making your child genuinely interested in nature. In the great Canadian outdoors, the lack of wifi and signal can be the reason for your child to put down their phone and see what’s around them.

The Proud Canadian Adventure Kids Camp can help your kids engage in exploring nature and be willing to let go of technology for a few days or weeks.

The camp will help your kid further develop their many skills such as interpersonal and social skills, independence and self-reliance, outdoor wilderness skills, and many more.

Joining the camp will also help lessen your kid’s exposure to technology and social media, and let them explore nature firsthand. It helps bring them together with their peers and find connections through outdoor, team activities. The unknown will be a challenge for your kids to explore both as an individual and as part of a team.

Our programs at camp constantly develop and evolve to better accommodate our campers. It is always our aim to help your kids grow and learn at the camp. It would be an honor to give a memorable experience to kids who have that great potential.

It will also hone them to be good Canadian citizens by practicing discipline in respecting themselves, others, and nature following camp rules and practicing critical thinking.

Enroll your child now at Proud Canadian Adventure Kids Camp where learning and fun come hand in hand. After their first trip, they will definitely be wanting to come back for more.