Why choose us? Proud Canadian Adventure Kids Camp commits to giving your child a memorable camping experience as learning and fun come hand in hand at our camp.

Here are some reasons on why you should choose Proud Canadian Adventures Kids Camp:

Commitment to development

Development is not only limited to them as individuals but also targeting others and their surroundings. The development of skill sets and traits that they can use in school, at work, or in life, in general. Experiencing independence can bring out qualities that they have never realized were in them and we help them channel it out.

Safety is always a priority

The safety while having the camping experience is included in the fun. Alongside the guidance of our trained instructors, orienting your kids that safety is of the highest priority while at camp is also included. Emphasizing that everyone being responsible ensures safety for all.

Trained and experienced instructors

Our instructors are trained and experienced mentors that will always guide the campers. Accepted instructors are those who have apt experience and training to not only look after your kids but also mentor them. Cultivating an environment that breaks one-sided learning in which instructors can also learn from the students.

Appreciation of nature

Canada’s rich countrysides and bodies of water will be appreciated if seen with one’s own eyes. Appreciation, education, and preservation of nature at a young age can help our campers be pioneers in saving the environment. Experiencing nature’s wonders and beauty will help develop their sense of appreciation.