Adolescence is a stage in life where the human body experiences several mental and physical changes in preparation for adulthood. The changes vary for both sexes and the quality of life an individual has.

This gradual change from childhood to adulthood is called puberty. Several hormones are at work during puberty. For adolescent boys, the hormone called testosterone is responsible for these changes.

However, there are circumstances where the testosterone count is low. Therefore, a testosterone enhancer therapy is needed to boost testosterone.

What is testosterone?

As mentioned above, testosterone is the hormone responsible for body changes happening in an adolescent boy’s body. It is also in charge of producing sperm and red blood cells. It helps in distributing fat in the body, increasing muscle mass, and regulating libido.

Low testosterone levels or hypogonadism can cause the opposite changes in a male’s body. Among the noticeable symptoms are depression and irritability. Fortunately, this can be cured through testosterone therapy.

What is testosterone therapy and what are its benefits?

Testosterone therapy helps boost testosterone through guided medical procedures. This therapy is essential for adolescent boys who are suffering from hypogonadism or low levels of testosterone.

The following are the benefits of testosterone therapy:

Changes in your physique

You will be going through what most adolescent boys experience during puberty. Your skin gets oily, your muscle mass and bone density increase, and your body fat are distributed evenly.

Mental and emotional health

Undergoing testosterone therapy can improve your mental and emotional health. You will notice that you are less likely to get irritated than before. It will also decrease the number of depressive episodes you experience.

Sexual changes

A noticeable change in your libido will occur as well. You don’t have to worry because this is normal.

What happens during testosterone therapy?

To find out if you are qualified for this therapy, a blood test is conducted to check your testosterone level. If you are qualified, your healthcare professional will discuss the appropriate procedure for you. Here are different types of testosterone therapy:


This is applied to your body every night. It is recommended to place this on your torso or thighs. However, this is not recommended for people who might have skin allergies.


You simply apply this to your skin. Read the instructions before doing so because different brands have different instructions on where to apply it to your body.

Implantable pellets

This requires surgery (a small incision) because the pellets should be implanted under the skin. These are implanted two to four times a year.


This is a kind of gel that is applied inside the nostrils. Although this is safe for people who have high skin contact with others, this is the most inconvenient method. The gel should be applied two times in each nostril, three times a day.


This method is suitable for people who don’t have any problems with needles. This can be administered by yourself or any of your family members.

Gum-and-cheek testosterone

This is placed in the gum line and the buccal cavity in your mouth. However, this may cause gum irritation.

Final Thoughts

Low testosterone levels in adolescent boys can negatively impact their physical and mental health. Fortunately, there are many ways offered in the medical community to boost testosterone. However, it is important to follow your healthcare professional’s advice to enjoy the benefits of testosterone therapy.

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