Cannabidiol(CBD) oil is a growing concern for world health camping. Camps are constantly bombarded with questions about the use of CBD, like Delta 8 gummies, as well as its legality, properties, as well as implications for use when camping. Below are facts about CBD challenges and considerations for camping.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is also known as hemp oil and contains extracts from the cannabis plant. CBD oil and marijuana come from the same plant but the two are very different.

CBD oil has a variety of health benefits including stimulating appetite, aiding sleep problems, treating skin conditions, pain relief, pain relief, and preventing seizures.

However, it also has a number of potential side effects like anxiety and dry mouth

CBD Oil legality

The legality of CBD oil is a significant concern for camps and campers alike. CBD oil derived from industrial hemp is legal and both campers and staff can freely bring it to the camp. However, before you buy cannabis product, including CBD oil, it is essential that you review your state’s laws and understand the legal implications at the camp area.

Staff and CBD oil

It is necessary to give considerable attention to camp staff who want to bring CBD oil to their job and the implication that it might have on their performance. This is because most staff will consider the CBD oil a common supplement, just like vitamins, and not take into considerations the implications that it might have on their job performances.

The best way to address this challenge of CBD oil and camp staff is for the camp management to put in place policies addressing the use of both meditations and supplements by staff at the camp.

CBD Oil Considerations

Epidiolex is the only FDA-approved CBD oil for disorder seizures. A doctor cannot write you a prescription for marijuana because it is still not yet fully legal under federal laws.

Research shows that CBD oil carries a small risk of harming the liver. A small percentage of people using CBD oil showed an increase in liver enzymes which can potentially harm the liver.

Depending on how you ingest CBD oil, it may take between 5-60 minutes for its effects to hit. The fastest way to feel CBD oil is by vaping. Taking edible products, on the other hand, is the slowest way to feel the effects of CBD oil.

CBD oil can be applied for inflammatory conditions.

The right CBD dose is unique for everyone and depends on tolerance, weight , and how it is taken.

CBD oil inhibits the impact of most medications.

The Five Rights for CBD Oil when Camping

Because of the inherent risks associated with camp experiences and CBD use, these five rights exist to promote safety.

  • Right medication
  • Right dose
  • Right person
  • Right place
  • Right time

Campers can enjoy the numerous benefits of CBD oil and keep associated risks at bay. While conducting these safety checks is not always easy, camps should do whatever they can to promote them.

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