With the escalating costs of college education, parents and their young adults have another alternative of obtaining their college degrees through scholarships for their outdoor pursuits.

Specific organizations in various states offer scholarships in the following outdoor-associated sports, careers, and exciting activities such as conservation, shooting, duck calling, bass fishing, archery, and outdoor communication professionals.


Some universities award scholarships in archery, like the  Minnesota State Archery Association (MSAA). The institution provides $500 worth of scholarships to 2 lucky graduating students who are archery enthusiasts and are exceptionally successful in their academics.

Annually, the NAA awards five hundred dollars worth of scholarships to 8 lucky recipients through its NAA Foundation College Scholarship programs.


Another organization is the Safari Club International; it has given thousands of dollars worth of scholarships to four deserving and exceptional first-year students every year.

Each student is awarded a $4,800 worth of scholarship apportioned at $1,200 each year in 4 years. The Safari Club International Chapters organization prioritized applicants who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in or associated with a conservation specialty.

National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF)

The institution has granted college scholarships of more than three million dollars worth of scholarships specifically to high school seniors every year.

To qualify, the applicant must enroll at the National Wild Turkey Federation. They are assessed on the following criteria: leadership abilities, academic achievements, dedication to preservation, and conservation of hunting and community involvement heritage.


The Bass fishing scholarship was first introduced at Bethel University America in McKenzie, Tennessee, as another option to obtain a college degree for students who have no talent in basketball or football.

There are more than two hundred colleges with bass fishing organizations that are giving away the said scholarships.


The organization offers numerous golden scholarship opportunities to outstanding students.

Each year, the NRA invites current junior high school and sophomore students to apply for shooting scholarships.

Forty-five deserving students across the US are selected to participate in their golden educational opportunities in a weeklong of exciting and informative activities. They are also given a valuable chance to compete for thirty thousand dollars worth of college scholarship grants.

If the student is already a member of the JROTC or ROTC rifle team, one can register for the Civilian Marksmanship Scholarship Program award.

Specific qualifications in earning scholarships are the following:

The student is an active member of the ROTC, college, high school, JRTOC rifle team.

Must have maintained outstanding leadership and academic credentials.

A high school senior or an undergraduate student who possesses excellent rifle marksmanship capabilities.

The NRA encourages the youth, male or female, to join the organization that aims to support and develop their interest in wildlife conservation, shooting, and hunting.

Learn more details from shooting organizations and NRA-associated clubs in earning scholarships by browsing the internet or visiting their associations.


The organization has given away more than sixty-thousand in scholarship grants to deserving students using their duck-calling abilities in its thirty-six years of existence.


The scholarship initiated by the Outdoor Writers Association of America, Inc. (OWWA) is open to all undergrads in their junior and senior year and to graduate college students from all schools and disciplines.

The exceptional recipient must pursue the following careers in lecturing or video and film making, art, wildlife photography, and outdoor writing.

Befitting candidates are outdoor enthusiasts and talented conversationalists interested in pursuing a profession in outdoor communication that includes outdoor art, tape media, print, and filming activities. Each year, the scholar is awarded $1,000 to $5,000 worth of scholarship grants.


Young adults are all invited to join the available scholarship mentioned above from grants from different organizations.

All you have to do is patiently browse the internet to avail yourself of these valuable grants in achieving your primary goal of obtaining a college degree.

One does not have to be an elite athlete or a brainy student to receive the scholarship financial assistance.

Perseverance, patience, and the ability to comply with the application procedure are critical requirements in obtaining these golden educational opportunities.

Our student goals are achievable if we adopt Napoleon Hill’s famous motivational quote, “You can be anything you want to be, for whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

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