Kids just love the sound of the Online Tutoring same as final bell of the school that signals the start of summer vacation. This is the time where the fun without the pressure of grades is totally taken advantage of. For the parent, you may love having your kid at home but at the same time, you’ll be worried that all those school learning will be replaced with outdoor activities, TV programs, and video games.

As the pandemic is still ongoing today, online tutoring or classes are the most common alternative. However, the quarantine gives the parents opportunities to bond, just like in a summer vacation, with their kids while they are still learning. Here are some suggestions that you can incorporate into your fun, home activities during vacation or “stay-cation” time.

Word Hunt

Purpose: Enhance counting and reading skills.


Create a list consisting of words each on sticky notes.

Hide the sticky note within the house.

Let your kid find them and as each note found, let him/her read it aloud.

After finding all the notes, let him/her read again and count all of them.

You can improve the game’s difficulty gradually by being creative on the word list.

Sort With Stickers

Purpose: Familiarize the sorting of colors.


Prepare colored pieces of paper.

Cut out shapes and illustrations on colored stickers.

Jumble the stickers and let your kid sort them by sticking the colored sticker to the matching colored paper.

After sorting, let your kid count the number of stickers. 

You can enhance the color stickers or you can add complexity by including words or letters to form a message and this will be another basis of arranging the stickers on the corresponding colored paper.

Math Puddle Jump 

Purpose: Develop consistency in Math skills.


Cut shapes from construction papers that will serve as puddles.

Write numbers starting 1 to whatever the limit will be. Each puddle must have a unique number.

Lay the puddles on the floor in random and in an organized fashion.

Have your kid jump from one puddle to another under the rule that it must be in the act of counting. 

After jumping the puddles accordingly, have your kid repeat again in reverse.

For kids with advanced Math skills, you can write basic operations or just the “Multiplication Table” patterns as practice. 

Outdoor Memory Game

Purpose: Enhance the usage of memory.


This is similar to a “Finding the Pair” game but on a bigger level. Utilize paper plates or unused, manageable scratch papers.

Draw shapes or write numbers or words on the items. Make sure to write on 2 items for either shapes, numbers, or words that you decide to put in.

Have the items face down and scattered on the outdoors. 

Let your kid solve the game in a limited amount of time. 

For more challenges, try to change the printed content on the plates or papers in accordance with their grade level. 

Other General Activities

There are other activities, already known by many, where you can upgrade or add a little twist that is appropriate to the kids’ level of learning. Here are some of them:

  • Sudoko
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Word Bingo
  • Chess
  • Ball Sports


Summer vacation is probably the longest vacation a kid can enjoy during the basic education years. As you make interesting activities that also continue to boost learning, don’t forget to balance also with his/her personal learning through occasional indulging with friends and technological devices. 

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