Marketing your summer camp is essential in increasing and maintaining attendance. Whether it is an outdoor, bible, athletic or coding camp, it is fundamental to find a way to grow the attendees. Today`s society is turning away from outdoor activities like awareness through custom t shirts Canada to more social isolation thanks to social media and general t shirt technology. So, how do you market a summer camp?

Understand Your Target Audience

When coming up with a marketing plan, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the target audience. Usually, the audience can either be parents or children. Each audience should have a different marketing strategy.

Potential campers need to understand why they should attend the camp. Check for any regulations relating to marketing in your country.

Advertise Within the Community

After knowing your audience, it’s time to consider different marketing channels available. The community you are looking to set up the camp should be the first spot to start advertising.

The community is vital because you are targeting people with direct access to the camp. Therefore, they can give you exposure to scaling up locally before expanding to a greater geographical region.

Besides, those within the community will incur lower costs to attend than those coming from afar. They are likely to have a higher attendance rate than those travelling to the camp.

Utilize Signage Solutions

Using signage in your marketing strategy is among the oldest marketing tricks. It gives you unlimited possibilities for both in and outdoor marketing. The sign can be one that advertises the location, dates or sign-up periods. You can also use signs to implement and direct viewers to specific landing pages of a website,

Partner with Institutions

Most camp attendees are of the school age. Therefore, partnering with institutions such as schools is a significant step to reaching a mass group of a potential audience.

Institutions can help by placing signs or posters of the summer camp. The promotional material can be handed out in classrooms or hallways. Alternatively, the summer camp promoters can make custom T-shirts with a promotional message and get some students to wear them.

Partnership with schools creates a win-win situation for the camp and the school. The school can start fundraising campaigns which help students pay for the camp, and some portion of the funds can be donated to the institution to fund its operation.

It is an excellent strategy since students are a captive audience. Also, since it is mandatory for students to attend school, it will be almost necessary for them to notice your promotional efforts.

Online Marketing

The influence of technology and social media is unavoidable, especially with its efficiency to reach the target audience. Online marketing includes the use of blogs, social media and the like.

Increasing social media presence can influence online traffic to sign-ups for the camp. Since online tools are comprehensive, you can focus on optimizing your website to offer more information and sign up your audience. Focus on social hotspots such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Understanding how to maximize the productivity of social media accounts will significantly widen your influence.

When marketing your summer camp, remember to set a budget, which should lie between 10 and 20% of the camp’s revenue. When coming up with promotional messages, remember to check with any set of regulations concerning marketing.

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